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What sets Peter Hardin apart as an effective advocate and successful defense attorney is his experience and expertise. Because he understands through first-hand experience how law enforcement officers and government attorneys identify and investigate crime, make charging decisions, and prosecute their targets, he can create a precise in-depth defense plan, effectively advise his clients, and zealously protect their liberty and interests.

Peter served as a prosecutor for over a decade in the U.S. Marine Corps, the District Attorney’s Office in Orange County, California, and the United States Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. He led and participated in hundreds of grand jury proceedings and investigations into offenses involving driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, sexual assault, domestic violence, theft, illegal weapons, illegal narcotics, corruption, tax fraud, identity theft, illegal immigration, and financial fraud.

Transitioning into private practice, Mr. Hardin served clients at two of the nation’s premiere boutique litigation law firms, where he became an experienced defense attorney and further honed his written and oral advocacy skills. No stranger to the courtroom, Mr. Hardin has tried over twenty cases before juries and judges in military, state, and federal courts. Mr. Hardin, a combat veteran, served as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, attaining the rank of Captain, and deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Mr. Hardin was born and raised imbued with the core values of loyalty, courage, tenacity, and integrity. These core values have guided Mr. Hardin’s every step throughout his life and career. In Mr. Hardin, you will find “no better friend, no worse enemy,” an impassioned advocate loyal to you and zealous in pursuit of your rights and freedom.  You will find a partner with the courage to stand up to the powerful forces that threaten your way of life–your very liberty–and to do what is right, not simply what is easy. You will find a tireless fighter tenacious in pursuit of your goals and freedom. Through it all, you will find a man of integrity who will candidly advise you with straightforward talk, not simply tell you what you want to hear or make undeliverable promises. These are the qualities that make Mr. Hardin, along with his experience and expertise, a warrior-advocate.

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